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The Fisher Family Company was founded to provide more than a memory for our customers, guests and friends. We just got started in 2018 by opening the first cottage called the Country Cottage in the rolling Hocking Hills outside Logan, Ohio, the gateway to the Hocking Hills. We want our accommodations to be a living product for the customer, by the customer. Our goal is to have the most unique, affordable and enjoyable stay in the Hocking Hills region. We make it a daily practice to go further for our customers than any other. We want our customers to have more than they bargained for in amenities and the most affordable price. In 2019 we are adding The Hocking Hills Store, which will be the source for Hocking Hills collectables and souvenirs, additional accommodations, and a campground that will be an industry leader, because it will be designed by the camper, for the camper.  


We are turning the tables on a marketplace that wants to offer less and less for more. Make the Fisher Family Retreat your destination for lodging in the Hocking Hills and The Hocking Hills Store your souvenir and gift shop for the Hocking Hills and see how much more you get for less. At the Fisher Family Retreat you get free firewood, coffee, hot chocolate, charcoal, linens, outdoor games, indoor games, hot tubs, discounts for loyalty, free souvenirs and so much more. You can have it all your way on your next journey to the Hocking Hills without breaking the bank. Come see the difference.

Fisher Family Campground & Souvenir Shop



The Fisher Family Campground and The Hocking Hills Store are coming to the Fisher Family Retreat in the Hocking Hills in 2019. In the campground we will have 6 large lots with full 30 amp hookups as well as a fire ring and charcoal grill. We will have outdoor games like cornhole, horse shoes, bucket-ball, disk toss and many more. Wi-Fi and satellite TV will be included for those that wish not to completely disconnect. We will have a souvenir shop and welcome center on site that will have charcoal and other things you may have forgotten and a wide range of custom designed hocking hill souvenirs. But most importantly we are right in the heart of the Hocking Hills region, close to all the wonderous natural attractions. Please click "Souvenirs" in the menu above to shop The Hocking Hills Store online.

Wedding Barn & The Happy Craftsman



Also, in 2019, we will begin construction on a hilltop wedding barn that will be flanked with vista views and quaint cottage accommodations. The Fisher family is well traveled and diverse in our skills, which allows us to begin the Happy Craftsman offering in the Hocking Hills in 2019 as well. The Happy Craftsman will make hand made furniture and various collectables. We will have a workshop located on the Fisher Family Retreat as well as an online webstore for your custom designs. Please check out the Happy Craftsman and Wedding Barn pages for more.

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