Fisher Family Event Center (coming soon)


Comming Soon to the Hocking Hills

Fisher Family Company Inc. is working to bring a new level of elegance to weddings and events in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. We feel as though, the current offerings do not represent the depth of culture and nature that our community provides. We hope you will join us in designing your event center in the Hocking Hills by connecting with us on Facebook and or Twitter, to participate in this journey.

Current Activity

We are currently seeking funding necessary to construct a world-class event center for the Hocking Hills. We are also in the process of assembling a team of event planners and specialist to support this endeavor.

Designed by you for you

Our customers and community is where we draw our inspiration and strength. We want you to help us craft the most spectacular representation of the Hocking Hills experience, while defining a new level of customer service and luxury in your event center.

How one can participate

We will be posting serval design and floorplan layout ideas on our Facebook page, Fisher Family Company Inc. in hopes that potential customers, staff and neighbors have a voice in your event center. We also wish to engage in conversation on planned events, such as holiday parties, and craft events that represent our community and our history. The event center will be located on a working farm, so pottery, hay rides, and other activities can and should be considered. Please join in that discussion at